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We grant ourselves empowerment by assuming a mighty enemy. The stronger your enemy is, the stronger you are. An enemy has to be powerful and worthy enough to fight. We mirror ourselves in a configuration of the powerful and dangerous ‘other’, personifying a threat by resemblance and projecting an image of the ‘strong us’. In this way, we measure and expand the range of our own capacity. The notion of enemy is a place where our endless game of empowering flowers, where our desire to expand the limit of our capacity, thrives. So, if we could conceive of an enemy that is absolutely powerful and impossible to defeat, we would be most successful in endowing ourselves with ultimate power. The impossible enemy is a reflection of our desire for omnipotence. We cannot stop expecting the coming of the absolute enemy through which we are able to transcend the limit of who we are. In our expectation towards the coming of the absolute, decisive moment, the notion of enemy appears to be very similar to our conception of the apocalypse.


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