Michiko Oki 大木美智子

Dr. Michiko Oki (b. Japan)

Michiko Oki, Ph.D. in comparative literature and art, is a London-based art historian, writer and translator in the field of arts and literature. Her research focuses on the representation of violence and power in the form of allegory and fiction in modern and contemporary visual/auditory art, culture and literature. Her interdisciplinary writings, drawn from art history/theory, philosophy, cultural studies and social science, approach the question: what is the nature of aesthetic experience and its constructive effect on the human psyche and society? How can we perceive the world differently through artistic and philosophical thinking?



Email: mchooki (at) gmail.com

Address: London, UK


Japanese (native)

English (professional)

Spanish (basic)

Research Interests

Keywords: modern and contemporary art history/theory, aesthetics, emotion and transcendence, Surrealism, Rene Magritte, Franz Kafka, violence and power, noise music, posthumanism, allegory, narrative and fiction, body (nudity, hunchback, distortion)


Ph.D (Comparative Literature and Art), School of European Languages, Culture & Society, University College London, UK, July 2014

MA (Art History), Human and Environmental Studies in Thought and Culture, Kyoto University, Japan, March 2005


Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for Artists (Field of Grant: Art Theory), 2009-2011

Teaching & Research Position

Associate Lecturer, Performance: Design and Practice, Central Saint Martins, 2020-

Distinguished Assistant Professor, Global Art Practice, Tokyo University of the Arts 2019-

Research Associate, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, 2016-2018

Course Tutor (‘19th and 20th Century Art in London’), History of Art, University College London, 2009-2011

Research Assistant, Art Studies and Cultural Production, Kyoto University of Art and Design, 2005-2007

Text © 2015 Michiko Oki
Illustration © 2015 Pablo Padilla Jargstorf