The Dolls House Gallery Project ‘Transposing Scales’

Exhibition series #6 Tasos Stamou

10.01.2017 – 31.01.2017

We have launched the second season of the Dolls House Gallery Project with the new dolls house designed and built by architect/artist Pablo Padilla Jargstorf. For the new Dolls House Gallery, Padilla Jargstorf interprets the theme of scale as our desire of gaining an overview of reality and constructs a dolls house as a theatrical assemblage of enclosed spaces with different textures and scales. In order to have an overview of reality, the scales of each event, which are spatially and temporarily varied, have to be transfigured into one plane of representation. Padilla Jargstorf’s Dolls House Gallery offers a framework for the artists to engage with the representation of reality through desired and imagined views of spaces.


As the second show in the new Dolls House Gallery, we present Tasos Stamou, an electroacoustic music composer, an improvised music performer, an alternative music technologist and tutor, currently based in London. For the exhibition 'Transposing Scales', Stamou makes an installation of collages and objects in a dialogue with each room of the dolls house gallery. Stamou’s works, ranging from sound pieces, instrumental objects to collages, deal with nameless, broken off bits of sensations and feelings that do not find any place of symbols, stories or explanations. His sound pieces capture fragments of noise, melody and rhythm that go slightly beyond our recognition behind our consciousness, and weave up little auditory fairy tales. In his collages, taking images from books of archeology and anatomy, fashion and porn magazines and cooking books, Stamou makes up collections of deviant characters and figurines humourously animated. They appeal to a pleasure in the dissection of the seamlessness of our visual world, excavating a pond of images pooled from our contemporary lives. Body parts, animals, foods, gadgets, ancient statues and landscapes of nature and antiquity, the luscious debris of life is neatly placed in each image, carving out totem-like figures which have strangely satirical air of self-content. Some appears as commentaries on our cliché desires, others play visually with aesthetic constructions of shapes and colors. Most interestingly, we can see an anachronic, convulsive dialogue between images from ancient to contemporary times, from personal desires to collective fantasies – a great legacy of Surrealism. This dialogue excavates the potentiality of images, emerging from somewhere between the engaged eyes of the aesthetic, the pleasure seeking hedonist and the sober curiosity of the historian. In this dialogue, animated by an inexplicable work of the human psyche, Stamou plays with the theme of scale, re/enacting stories of the deviant protagonists that he invented from fragmented sensations, in the theatre of the dolls house.


Artists’ Biography:

Tasos Stamou is an electroacoustic music composer, an improvised music performer, an alternative music technologist and tutor, currently based in London. During a decade he has been exploring and utilizing several different mediums of original sonic creation, into various recordings and performances; arrangements with self-modified electronics (circuit bending) and found objects, electronic music gear (modular synths & software), acoustic instruments (prepared zither, reeds, whistles, vocals, etc) and video synthesizers. Mostly as a free improvised multi-instrumentalist performer Stamou has presented live sets in solo projects and collaborations with other experimentalists and improvisers (London Improvisers Orchestra, Adam Bohman, Steve Beresford, Mike Cooper, Andrea Parkins, Kuupuu & Lau Nau, Terry Day, Adachi Tomomi, Ilan Manouach, Ignaz Schick, Magda Mayas, Arma Agharta, etc.) around venues and festivals for innovative music. Since 2008 he runs “Kukuruku Recordings”, an independent label for ephemeral exploratory sound works. He is currently leading workshop series for circuit bending & hardware hacking for experimental sound production.