The Dolls House Gallery Project ‘Transposing Scales’

Exhibition series #7 Pablo Padilla Jargstorf

07.02.2017 – 28.02.2017


The Dolls House Gallery Project 'Transposing Scales' is a series of exhibitions in a dolls house under the theme of scale. For the final show in the second season of the project, we present Pablo Padilla Jargstorf, an artist-architect who explores the spatial side of sound, and its interaction with visual and tactile feedback, creating a whole sensual scene. Padilla Jargstorf designed and built the new Dolls House Gallery for the second season of the project, interpreting the idea of scale as our desire of gaining an overview of reality and constructing a dolls house as a theatrical assemblage of enclosed spaces with different textures and scales.


For the exhibition, Padilla Jargstorf is going to make an installation of vibrating objects in a dialogue with each room of the Dolls House Gallery. He plays with the idea of scale in relation to our perception of environment, presenting our desire of observation as a disfigured, uncanny materialisation of spatial perception. Padilla Jargstorf writes: 'The environment is an entity that involves all parameters of stimuli. Our experience of the environment is so much intertwined with multiple sensations that we hardly detect its appearances. By distorting the scale of our perception, we can transform our environment, our reality, into something manipulable. Fold up, rip off, crumple up, kick off and throw away the surrounding landscape and soundscape like a piece of paper. Disfiguring the environment into a small object and placing it inside the original environment, we observe from above something that we have been relentlessly imbedded in. Now we are experiencing the disfigured outside inside the original land/soundscape. The disfigured image of the original environment is an abnormal materialisation of stimuli, and we look at this eerie lump, which is yet part of us, as if a tumour growing on the skin'.


Artists’ Biography:

Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf, born in Madrid in1975, is an architect, visual/sound artist and composer. After starting his formal music education at a very young age, with piano as his primary instrument, towards the end of the 1990s he began to experiment with sound art and composition, while completing his architecture studies. His relationship with architecture has led him to work on site-specific installations. There he explores the spatial side of sound, and its interaction with visual and tactile feedback, creating a whole sensual scene. His work approaches our connection with the environment, physically and psychologically. He is currently continuing to develop his work on soundscapes, video/sound installations, researching the relationship between the different stimuli of our senses and their interaction, with a focus on spatial perception through sound and synaesthesia. His installations could have been experienced by visitors in events taking place in Stockholm (Re(s)on-Art, Pendel Experiment), Venice (Biennale di Venezia), Basel (Hot Art Fair), Madrid (JustMad Art Fair, Espacio Valverde, Off-Limits Gallery), Wales (Conwy, Blinc Digital Arts Festival), Brussels (Trajector Art Fair) and London (Cafe OTO, Hanmi Gallery, The Gallery Soho, Zabludowicz Collection, Halcyon Gallery, Forman's Smokehouse Gallery) among others.