The Dolls House Gallery Project ‘Transposing Scales’

Exhibition series #5 Michelle Lewis-King

29.11.2016 – 16.12.2016


We are pleased to launch the second season of the Dolls House Gallery Project with the new dolls house designed and built by architect/artist Pablo Padilla Jargstorf. For the new Dolls House Gallery, Padilla Jargstorf interprets the theme of scale as our desire of gaining an overview of reality and constructs a dolls house as a theatrical assemblage of enclosed spaces with different textures and scales. In order to have an overview of reality, the scales of each event, which are spatially and temporarily varied, have to be transfigured into one plane of representation. Padilla Jargstorf’s Dolls House Gallery offers a framework for the artists to engage with the representation of reality through desired and imagined views of spaces.


As the first show in the new Dolls House Gallery, we present Michelle Lewis-King, an artist-acupuncturist who uses the human body as a technological medium with which to explore non-Western and nonmodern relationships between art and medicine. In 2011, Lewis-King initiated Pulse Project, an ongoing performance research series that draws upon her experience of practicing acupuncture within the contexts of the western biomedical clinic. In her public performances, she brings the private experience of the clinic out into the public domain and uses pulse “reading”, case history notation, live drawings of participants’ pulses and composing algorithmic soundscapes as tools to explore and record the social encounter between artist and audience. Lewis-King utilises Chinese pulse diagnosis and Chinese metaphysics in her work as a means of reconsidering notions of the ‘body’ to reflect a more intercultural and multi temporal expression of being. As a result, her soundscapes and drawings are not composed according to the western concept of the pulse or circulatory system or a ‘body/soul’ dynamic but offer an intercultural perspective to conceive of – and listen to the interior/exterior spaces of the body. For 'Transposing Scales', Lewis-King transposes the diverse dimensional time spaces of the Chinese medical body - with its organ-networks and points - into the varied architectures of the Doll's House Gallery.


Artists’ Biography:

Michelle Lewis-King is an American artist and PhD research fellow for Cambridge School of Art where she investigates intercultural connections between art, medicine and technology.  She holds a BFA (Tyler School of Art, USA) in Sculpture, an MA in Fine Art (Chelsea College of Arts, UAL), a PgDip in the History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Art (Chelsea College of Arts) and a BSc: Integrative Medicine - Acupunture (University of Westminster). Lewis-King's research has been featured in PROJECT ANYWHERE (Parson School of Art, NYC), Consciousness Reframed - (Roy Ascott Studios, DeTao Masters Academy, Shanghai), The Digital Subject (University Paris 8), London LASER Talks (Central Saint Martins), and at conferences internationally. Her publications are included in journals such as: Technoetic Arts (Intellect), Digital Creativity (Routledge), the Journal of Sonic Studies, etc. Recent exhibitions include: ISEA 2016 (Hong Kong), ‘Circadian’ at TodaysArt NL 2015 (Den Haag), ‘Drawing Towards Sound’ (University of Greenwich - with Cage, Cardew, Boulez, etc.), Chinese Film Festival (Anatomy Museum King’s College), Re-New 2013 (Denmark), Ex-Teresa Museum (Mexico), Digital Futures (V&A Museum) and Artist Games (Spike Island). Lewis-King works collaboratively with artists, musicians, scientists and technologists (most recently - at 4DSOUND and The Port @ CERN).